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April 2009

Just announced the popular Value Network Analysis Workshop: Optimizing Business Performance to be held on 12 June 2009 8am - 5pm at the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, California, USA. The workshop includes a full-privilege, 90-day subscription to Professional Edition.

March 2009

LinkedIn is the de facto business-oriented social network site (SNS). There is a popular Value Networks LinkedIn Group. Your LinkedIn Group will augment and expand the features of your value networks with the world’s leading business SNS. The Value Networks LinkedIn Group is an important asset to the ever-expanding value networks constellation and ecosystems of practitioners, scholars, experts, users and stakeholders.

 February 2009

A new venue has been selected for the 20 March 2008 VNA Workshop. It is the Centre for Social Innovation. See the Toronto Event page for details.

February 2009

Popular Toronto Meetup formed for Knowledge Workers. Join.

Paul Edwards, Vice President of Chemistry for Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) will appear at the Toronto value network analysis workshop 20 March 2009. Paul will lead a conversation on using applied VNA for leveraging intangibles to sharply expand big pharma innovation.

Barry Wellman of Net-Lab to join the Toronto network analysis workshop is the special keynote speaker at the Toronto value network analysis workshop.

January 2009

Happy New Year! Michael Cayley is the sponsor of the Toronto Cluster -- Value Network Analysis Workshop: Optimizing Business Performance.  

December 2008

Just announced the popular Value Network Analysis Workshop: Optimizing Business Performance on March 20 2009 8:30am - 4:30pm at the MaRS Collaboration Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The workshop includes a full-privilege, 90-day subscription to VNA Professional Edition.


November 2008

In a fast follow-up to the popular "Speak and Spark Luncheon," and by popular demand, join the Value Network Analysis Workshop: Optimizing Business Performance on Thursday 11 December 2008 8:30am - 4:30pm at the Citigroup Center
Los Angeles, California USA. The workshop includes a full-privilege, 90-day subscription to VNA Professional Edition.


October 2008

Speak & Spark Luncheon Discussion, “Optimizing Business Performance with Value Networks,” Monday, November 10, 2008, 12:00 PM-1:30 PM, University of Southern California, University Club, Banquet Room. Registration.

September 2008 News

Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is an information technology research and advisory giant in Stamford, CT. Value networks and VNA are recurring themes of their leading industry research and prognostications. Here is their latest addition.

Value Network Analysis Highlights Tangible and Intangible Value Exchanges

This report describes value network analysis and how it can be used to reveal critical value creation and exchange patterns among organizations that need to work together to achieve their business goals.

Agenda complete for the Washington, DC Fall 2008 Value Network Cluster scheduled for 22 September 2008 Blogsite debuts including the comprehensive value networks Topic Cloud.

The popular application is available in an academic, student and non-profit configuration. To apply, click here.

August 2008 News

Washington, DC Fall 2008 Value Network Cluster scheduled for 22 September 2008.

May & June 2008 News

VNA Network Intelligence application completes preview testing.

The VNA Network Intelligence offering operates at all three levels of network analysis –


1.    Process to Network (BPM)

2.    People to Network (SNA/ONA)

3.    Network to Value (VNA)


The preview test (60 people, 3-weeks, Apr/May 2008) feedback on for preview of VNA Network Intelligence has been fantastic –

  •  “The product is great, very easy to use.”

  •  “It’s like magic!”

  •  “Very impressive!”

  •  “That’s hot!”

  •  “Comprehensive value network features made incredibly simple.”

  •  “Impressive in scope and innovation!”

  •  “Huge potential!”

  •  “Pretty amazing what's been achieved.”

  •  “Terrific. Very simple, easy to use and understand.”

General VNA Network Intelligence availability is scheduled for August 2008.

April 2008 News

An excellent collection of new articles and papers available at the Open Value Networks site

March 2008 News

Testing the Limits - By using system dynamic modeling (SDM) and value network analysis (VNA), Boeing's Flight Operations, Test & Validation group restructured its entire business model. It is now on its way to taking the new organization for a test flight of its own. Boeing Frontiers (February 2008)




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A value network is a web of relationships that generates economic or social value through complex dynamic exchanges of both tangible and intangible benefits.

The Value Networks Clusters are the open industry network for value networks and value network analysis. It is a triangulation of vendors, academia, experts and users.

The goal is to provide awareness, diffusion and adoption of value networks practice, tools and theory. The outcome is to achieved sustained business growth and social good through network master of tangibles and intangibles.

The objective of the Value Networks Cluster is to shape and catalyzes a community of experts, entrepreneurs, enterprise users and value networks professionals. Our goal is to achieve fundamental advancements in the diffusion and adoption of value networks. 

This open Web is for the community, sponsors, participants and stakeholders.

We invite you to sponsor, join and participate with us.

Quotable Quotes

“The use of software to help transform organizational processes and create value networks will be a key value driver for businesses going forward. At SAP, we call it Business Network Transformation.” - Geraldine McBride, CEO SAP AG Asia, Jan 2009, The Business Times   


"Exposure to VNA models and methodologies will help any practitioner to systematically expose, expand, and act upon the domain of value creation for themselves, their organizations, and for their customers." Charles Armstrong, CEO S.A. Armstrong Ltd, Canada

"Software must be designed to allow, and where possible support, rapid modification of sophisticated inter-company processes. It must be capable of mapping not only value chains but entire value networks in order to keep pace with changing conditions." - Dr. Henning Kagermann, Chairman and CEO, SAP AG. SAP is the central nervous system of 47,000 companies worldwide.

"Value Network Analysis, through visuals and conversations, helps build and strengthen the relationships and trust that are vital for people working together as a global enterprise….Now that I know the value networks methodology, I would not consider doing a six sigma, lean, or any other kind of project without first doing a VNA to provide the "systems" context for the initiative."Glenda Turner, Supply Chain Integrator, Value Networks, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

 "The Value Network approach is a powerful and practical method based on theoretically sound principles."Karl-Erik Sveiby, Author - The New Organizational Wealth

"Social network analysis is like connecting train cars. Value network analysis tells you what is in those cars, where they came from, where they are going and what the value is."Don Ledbetter, Corporate Director of Management and Organizational Effectiveness L-3 Communications

"Value networks are to social organization as Bernoulli's principle is to an ideal fluid. Even while unnamed, unnoticed, and undocumented, the principle helped ships to sail for hundreds of years. Once studied, documented, and understood, it was widely applied to yield far greater utility in a much shorter time span." David L. Hawthorne, NavAgility

"Value is a relation between persons." Ferdinando Galiani, 1750, Italian Economist

Companies need processes and technology that gives a platform and a voice to the most creative as well as the most eccentric employees, partners and customers. Good ideas can emerge from an inventor working solo, but more often they are a result of collaboration throughout an organization and its value network." - Carol Rozwell, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, July 2007

"Simply pushing harder within the old boundaries will not do." - Karl Weick, Making Sense of the Organization

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